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Sluggers Hit It’s a joint or blank that hits for power, quality, and consistency. All built with the same ideas: grow it and they will come. Sluggers Hit only take out 2 grams of the best oil, terpene, and live resin, which are all specially made to have great effects and taste.

The real tastes are a tribute to the “Juiced 5-Pack Sluggers” and offer a unique and personalized taste. You can quickly charge the product via USB-C, and it comes with an air sensor that makes vaping smooth and easy. For a smooth smoking experience, you can say goodbye to buttons and use the 3-click triggering system instead.

Furthermore, with a built-in battery, the Sluggers Hit 2G Big League Smoke is a one-time-use vape pen. The All-in-One GRAM SLAM Vaporizer comes in six colors with distinct strain tastes. Backyard Baseball, Bubbalicious, Nintendo 64, and Bash Bros. Inspired the hardware design. Sluggers strike harder and last longer with quality oil and live resin.

In conclusion, they connect you with international chasers for a “Bubble Bath.” This kind can hurt you due to its genes. Prepare for no discomfort, as this strain will bring you there in a few puffs and exhales. Highly recommended, this lovely bud has wonderful taste variations. This occurred when East and West met!




Seeking an easy method to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains. Look no further than Sluggers Disposable! This stylish and high-quality alternative is ideal for cannabis fans on the road.

Sluggers Disposable Vaporizers are ready to use straight out of the package. Because it’s loaded with high-quality THC cannabis oil. Take a drag and enjoy Sluggers’ finest THC oil.

Lastly, always make sure to combine the Sluggers Hit Disposable cartridge with a battery before inhaling. This device is ideal for individuals who desire a simple and joyful cannabis experience because of its excellent design and quality.

Key Features Of The Sluggers Hit

 It offers convenience

The key design factor for the Sluggers Disposable was convenience. It’s perfect for quick, hassle-free smokes since you don’t need to replace cartridges or charge batteries—just open, take a puff, and enjoy. 

 Superior quality every time

Choose quality for your cannabis experience with Slugger Disposable. Our state-of-the-art technology and premium ingredients guarantee smooth and satisfying puffs of potent cannabis oil.

 An assortment of choices

Sluggers Hit Disposable strains are available for sativa, indica, and hybrid tastes. We choose each strain for taste and impact. Find your energy, creativity, or relaxation sweet spot.

Excellent for Novice and Expert Users

Any cannabis user, regardless of expertise, will love “Sluggers Hit Disposable.”. Its high-quality, simple design makes it ideal for novices.

Ideal for Traveling 

Don’t forget your Sluggers Disposable! Carry it with you wherever you go for a quick and convenient smoke anytime, anywhere.

Sleek and Portable Design

Sluggers Hit are stylish and effective. They’re compact and light, so they fit easily in your pocket or backpack. The modest design lets consumers enjoy their gadget without attracting attention.

Advanced Technology

Improved burning technology makes Sluggers Hit disposable easier to use. Their robust battery lasts until the e-liquid runs out. Smooth, steady smoke from the burning element adds flavor.

Sluggers Disposable Vaporizer Flavors

The following are the flavors available with the Sluggers disposable.

  • Watermelon zKittles (Hybrid)
  • Rainbow Road (Sativa)
  • Bananas and apples (Hybrid)
  • Temptation (Hybrid)
  • Runtz (Hybrid)
  • Rose (Indica)
  • Bubble bath (Indica)
  • Banana (Indica)
  • Sherbet (Sativa)
  • Euphoria (Indica)


SLUGGERS HIT PRE ROLLS: A Unique Cannabis Experience

Smoking Sluggers Hit pre-rolls is a strong and rewarding experience. Carefully made, these pre-rolls combine premium cannabis types to provide a strong and tasty hit. Sluggers Hit pre rolls are potent and contain over 50% THC. Other names for sluggers include “marijuana caviar,” which refers to buds soaked in extracts but without kief.

In Washington, DC, Sluggers Apples Disposable is a well-known cannabis brand. Thanks to a genetic fusion of the Blue Power and Gelatti strains, it provides a unique cannabis experience with a flavor that is reminiscent of pears, apples, and tree fruits. Robust earthy overtones and intriguing scent qualities characterize the infusion of myrcene into the hybrid cannabis strain.

A meticulously developed strain known for its remarkable workmanship, painstaking attention to detail, and amazing cannabis experience is Sluggers Apples & Bananas. Every puff from the Sluggers Hit disposable vape pen delivers constant quality and ease of usage. When you vape Sluggers apples & bananas, you may experience the best flavor and quality.

Find out why SLUGGERS HIT pre-rolls are the best choice.

Sluggers hit Pre-Rolls are reinventing cannabis with unsurpassed quality and ease. This is why they are the best.

  • Premium Quality:

Every pre-roll contains a hand-selected, top-tier flower for a strong, rich smoke. The careful selection procedure ensures each joint has the tastiest buds.

  • Consistency:

Sluggers hit From start to finish, well-rolled pre-rolls provide an even burn and a pleasant experience. With continuous quality, each purchase is as rewarding as the last.

  • Convenience:

Pre-rolls don’t require grinding, rolling, or preparation. They provide a smooth cannabis experience for on-the-go or home use.

  • Rich Flavor:

SLUGGERS HIT Pre-rolls have a strong scent and rich flavor from their excellent flower. Each puff is flavorful, improving your smoking experience.

  • Versatility:

Our products are perfect for single smokers or group sessions. Their ease and quality make them suitable for all cannabis users.

  • Eco-Friendly Options

Sluggers Hit places a high priority on sustainability and waste minimization. They recycle vape pens to reduce waste and help the environment.

Sluggers 33 Disposable 1g,

Monko’s GWP Sluggers 33: An Introduction Disposable 1g is a premium vape pen with perfect quality and relaxing effects. This high-end vape pen creates the renowned hybrid strain, Gelato 33, by fusing the greatest genetics from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Savor the mouthwatering citrus and fruity flavors that elevate your spirits and give you energy. Sellers guarantee quick marijuana delivery in Washington, DC. With the Sluggers 33 Disposable 1g, experience a unique sensory adventure and relaxation.

Sluggers Live Rosin Disposable 

Sluggers Live Rosin Disposable is a premium product that provides an excellent vaping experience, setting a new industry standard. This disposable gadget is pre-filled with potent, tasty live rosin extract, giving consumers an authentic strain experience with each puff.

What distinguishes Sluggers Live Rosin Disposable is its use of live resin, a concentrate derived from freshly harvested cannabis plants that retains the plant’s natural flavor profile and scent. This produces a vaping experience that is rich, fragrant, and genuine to the strain in question.

The device’s disposable form makes it ideal for on-the-go use without refills or recharging. Sluggers Live Rosin Disposable is perfect for those who value taste and potency in their vaping experience, offering a convenient and pleasant way to reap the advantages of live resin concentrates.


Manufactured under premium standards and tested rigorously.


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A Brief Summary Of Sluggers Hit

Sluggers Hit 2-Gram Disposable

Experts strongly advise trying the indica-dominant Bubble Bath strain to help you unwind after a demanding day. Those who have had bubble baths report that it’s a delightful, peaceful experience that puts you into a trance. The process involved mixing the soap with Project 4516.

Sluggers 2 Gram Disposable

Because it gives you a strong high that lasts for hours, Sluggers 2 Gram Disposable Bubble Bath is best for experienced users. It has a THC percentage that can reach 25%, which is higher than most. Some reviews said the strong high put them to sleep, while others who wanted to take pain and stress medicine said they felt much better after taking the bubble bath.

Sluggers 2G Disposable

Bubble Bath’s cured buds resemble its parents. These thick, fluffy nuggets contain purple to forest green hues and flawless white trichomes. Thin, brown pistils wrap around its resin-soaked leaves.

Due to its primary terpenes, Alpha Humulene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Limonene, this strain smells like citrus and pine with a hint of gasoline. Bubble Bath has a petrol-and-pine scent.

Sluggers Hit Disposable Vape

Because of this strain’s potent effects and greater than average THC content, reviewers advise starting low and going slow.

Bubble Bath Effects with Sluggers Hits

Sluggers Disposable’s soapy, silky, creamy, and jet-fuel terps will make you feel elevated, focused, and cheerful, like a bubble bath.

According to users, it assists with the following:

  • Appetite Depletion
  • Tiredness
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Depression


“Sluggers Hit Juiced 3.5g” is a cannabis strain available at Monko in Washington, DC. For a potent experience, Greenhand Genetics combined Pluto Kush and Granddaddy Purple to create this strain. The pre-rolls are hand-rolled and feature vivid purple colors and frosted trichomes.

A spellbinding blend of sweet grape and strong gasoline, the scent entices your senses with its surreal richness. Light it up, and the silky, smooth smoke fills your mouth with flavors of diesel and berries. It gives off a strong but well-balanced high that’s beyond this world. Savor the exquisite effects of this genetic marvel, which is sure to take you to new heights of bliss and relaxation.

Lastly, no matter how much you know about space travel, Sluggers Hit Juiced 3.5g will give you a unique cannabis experience that will make you want to go on more extraterrestrial trips. Learn more.


It stands out in the weed market because it has a strong and unique mix of high-quality flowers and strong hash. Vapers who like weed will enjoy these pre-rolls more because they have both high-quality flowers and hash in the middle.

The hash heart gives each hit more power, which makes it taste and feel even better. The hash hole’s carefully rolled shape makes sure that the burn is even and the draw is pleasant. It will be ideal for pro users who want to get high.

1.5 GRAM
3.5 (5 joint)

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Sluggers Hit 


Stock Sluggers Hit in a cool, dry place. Avoid battery and e-liquid damage from high temperatures.

Smooth, steady puffs are excellent. Avoid forceful or rapid puffs, which may burn and taste unpleasant.

You can figure out when to replace your disposable by keeping track of how many times you use it. This way, you’ll never be without a vape when you need one.

Maximizing Your Experience: How to Properly Use Sluggers Hit Disposable

The Sluggers Hit disposables are simple to use. Take the gadget out of its packaging and remove any protective coverings. The gadget is pre-charged and e-liquid-filled for quick usage.

To puff, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and gently inhale. Most Sluggers Hit are draw-activated and have no buttons. Inhale slowly and enjoy the mist.

When the e-liquid runs out and the pen stops smoking, should you throw it away? Check the local electronics disposal laws. Some localities restrict vape pen disposal for environmental reasons.


Sluggers disposable 

I had an amazing time at Sluggers-Hit, I loved the products and all the staff are humble but especially James, who was so humble. I want to go again, inshallah ❤️

Emily Jaffason
sluggers hit

Warm, Friendly, and approachable staff with excellent products knowledge. Fresh testy weed, i highly recommend you try some.

Jamie Stock
sluggers hit

Quality products at a fair price were delivered quickly, right to my door. I can’t recommend them enough; the Sluggers hits are always fantastic

Mark Justin